A Beginning

This blog has been churning in the back of my mind since last summer, a few short months after my husband and I became homeowners. I’d found a massive wild blackberry bramble in our backyard and was frantically plucking the plumpest berries from it I’d ever seen, excited to try canning jam for the first time, when my husband jokingly told me, “You should write a blog where you do all these homesteady things while listening to the Misfits, and call it ‘Rock Homesteady.’”

I continued to think about his comment as I processed applesauce on the stove a few weeks later — the apple tree on our 3 little acres made the most beautiful rosy-pink sauce, and I wanted to tell everyone about it. I thought about it again while kneading dough made from my sourdough starter, and again while turning the compost pile. I’d always been interested in these sorts of things, but would other people find it interesting? Would anyone even want to read my blunders toward a more self-sufficient lifestyle? 

I’d grown tired of the “fashion” blog I’d been sporadically writing — it had begun to feel like people were only interested in reading product reviews, and I didn’t enjoy buying things I didn’t need for the sake of reviewing them it was nothing more than a waste of money and impulse buys in exchange for page views. I enjoyed writing thrifting hauls, but that was about it. It was time for a change.

So, after a little encouragement and rumination, here I am. These are my humble offerings from a piece of Internet real estate called Rock Homesteady, chock full of DIYs, recipes, music, musings, and mishaps along the way. I do hope you stick around a while. Let’s learn together.